Premier 科技的运动员

Premier 科技的运动员

Driven by the passion for sports

Determined to always go beyond by investing time and energy day after day in their sport, the Premier 科技的运动员 share our passion for what we accomplish. 

This passion that motivates us to push the limits makes this partnership so strong and unique. We are proud to make a difference for these athletes, as well as for our customers and partners, 通过帮助他们获胜. 

Get to know the Premier 科技的运动员

Premier 科技的运动员

Britanie考颂, cyclist

The Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska athlete is part of the Club cycliste Espoirs 新利18. She stands out in time trial events. 

新利18’s support is very important in my cycling career. Thanks to this support, I’ve had some great opportunities like meeting the members of the Israel—新利18 cycling team.

魁北克锦标赛In 2020, 16岁时, Britanie is one of the youngest cyclists to take part in the Québec Road 骑自行车 Championships — Elite. She reaches the podium twice, ahead of more experienced runners.  

Sport-études scholarship Although 2021 was a tough year due to major injuries, she never stops pushing herself. 的学生运动员 in social sciences at the Cégep of Rivière-du-Loup received the sport-études scholarship for the quality of her academic performance.

光明的未来Back on her bike since the spring of 2022, Britanie is more determined than ever to reach the highest summits of her sports.

Emmanuelle男人, cross-country skier

The Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges athlete joins the Club Nordique of Mont Saint-Anne around the age of 10. She stands out in free skating events, also called skate skiing. 

I am thrilled to be a part of the 新利18 Team and to be supported by a company that encourages sports on many levels.

The World Junior Championships in her sightsIn 2019, at 12 years old, Emmanuelle wins gold at her first Jeux du Québec. The following year, she entered the ski-études program, which allowed her to focus more on her sport. In 2022, she won two gold metals in the Eastern Canadian Championships. She now aspires to be selected for the World Junior Championships.

家庭激情她的哥哥, cross-country skier Felix-Olivier男人, is also part of the Premier 科技的运动员 and, 她的弟弟, Zachari男人, is a member of the 新利18 Espoirs cycling team.

Premier 科技的运动员
Premier 科技的运动员

Felix-Olivier男人, cross-country skier 

运动员 from Saint-Férréol-les-Neiges practices cross-country skiing at the Pierre Harvey National Training Centre. He stands out in 10k classic style events. 

I am convinced that the support of 新利18 will help me reach my full potential. I am proud to be endorsed by a Québec international company involved in high-level sport.

那就是qu忧郁When he enters high school, Félix-Olivier joins the ski-études program, allowing him to compete at a regional level. In 2018, 那时他才16岁, he becomes the most decorated athlete ever at the Jeux du Québec, with 22 medals in cross-country skiing and cycling. 

奥运梦Selected twice for the World Championships (2021 and 2022), he is now looking to be a part of the 2026 Canadian Olympic team in Cortina, 意大利.

家庭激情他的妹妹, cross-country skier Emmanuelle男人, is also a 新利18 athlete and his brother, Zachari男人, is part of the 新利18 Espoirs cycling team.

本杰明Ouellet, para athletics

The Saint-Pascal-de-Kamouraska athlete trains with the Université Laval athletics club (CAUL). His specialty is the 1 500 m. 

If athletics is often considered an individual sport, it is a team effort for Benjamin because he competes with a guide. Teamwork is a major part of his success and he is “proud to collaborate with a company that also shares this value.” 

Holder of several recordsHe joins the Rivière-du-Loup Filoup athletics club at the age of twelve, allowing him to develop his full potential in this field for over ten years. He holds many Québec records and, in 2018, he is considered the best blind athlete in the world in the under-19 category.  

The Paralympic Games in his sightsConvinced that the best years of his career are ahead of him, Benjamin aims to participate in the Los Angeles Paralympic Games in 2028.

Premier 科技的运动员
Charles Philibert-Thiboutot running

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, athletics

The Québec City athlete is a member of the national athletics team. His specialty is the 1 500 m.

At a time when injuries were keeping me from training and competing, 新利18’s support literally saved my career by allowing me to focus on rehabilitation and long-term goals. 从那时起, I am back to my career’s best and 新利18’s help allows me to focus on what is really necessary to pursue an Olympic medal.

The Rouge et Or yearsDuring his administration and public relations studies at Université Laval, Charles joins the Rouge et Or track and field and cross-country team. He is named athlete of the year — all sports included — two years in a row. 

奥运梦In 2016, he takes part in the 1500m semifinals at the Rio Olympic Games. In 2022, ten months after missing by two seconds the Olympic standard to participate in the Tokyo Games, he sets a new Canadian 5 km record at the Boston Marathon. Confident for the rest of his career, Charles aims to improve his world ranking in the 1 500米和5米 000 m.

Raphaelle Tremblay, swimmer

The 新利18 athlete and team member started competing with the Club de natation Les Loups-Marins at the age of 7. Her specialty is the 200m medley.  

I feel privileged to be supported by 新利18 in the practice of my sport. Being from Rivière-du-Loup, I’ve known this company since I was little. I remember celebrating the 90 years of 新利18 when I was a child with my parents, both team members at the time.

家庭激情 Raphaelle shares her passion for swimming with several members of her family. Her uncle, Paul Naisby, represented Great Britain twice at the Olympic Games. At only 14, it’s Raphaelle’s turn to qualify for the Olympic tryouts.  

区域记录运动员 shines in the 15–17 category at the 2022 provincial ARENA championships where she beats two regional records — one in the 100 m freestyle and one in the 200 m medley.  

Canadian University ChampionshipsRaphaelle, who is interested in law, psychology and administration, plans to pursue her studies at university while winning a medal at the Canadian University Championships.

Premier 科技的运动员
Elliot Berube getting out of the water

艾略特Berube, triathlete

The Rivière-du-Loup athlete got into triathlon at the age of 11 during a recreational event with his father and friends. But it is only in 2019 that he starts focussing more seriously on this discipline, which allows him to combine his passion for sport and the outdoors. 

I am extremely proud of my region, Rivière-du-Loup. So 新利18's support is meaningful to me and it makes me look forward for what's to come!

Passionate about sportsElliot has been active ever since he was young. Supported by his parents, who are also sports enthusiasts, he enjoys a wide range of sports — from tennis to cross-country skiing and climbing. In 2014, he took part in the Jeux du Québec in swimming. He repeats the same feat in 2016, adding a mountain bike competition.  

Dreaming of the professional athlete life没有人感到意外, Elliot has been dreaming about the professional athlete life ever since he was eight years old. He wants to travel the world while pursuing his passion for sports and teaching physical education. He hopes to someday represent Canada at the Olympic Games. Part of the Université Laval Rouge et Or triathlon program, he aspires to establish himself on the World Cup circuit in the near future to compete against the best in this endurance sport.

数学Lalonde, alpine skier

运动员, who grew up in Saint-Simon, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, started skiing at the age of three with his father. He stands out in slalom and giant slalom, which are both technical events. 

Being part of the 新利18 Team brings me such pride and confidence. I am thrilled to represent a company based in Rivière-du-Loup, as I grew up nearby. I can’t wait to wear 新利18’s colours.” 

Équipe quemailMathys was introduced to alpine skiing at an early age by his father, who was his first coach. He understood skiing would turn into more than a hobby around the age of 13, when he finished second in his first race on the provincial circuit. Determined to earn a spot with the Équipe Québec, he achieves this goal in 2019. He has been competing at the North American level since 2017. 

的学生运动员Mathys currently trains with the Université de Montréal Carabins while studying law. In 2023, he wins the following awards: Male Rookie of the Year, Men’s All-Star Team and Rookie of the Year — male alpine skiing. 

数学Lalonde skiing